Nineteenth Century Russian Military History

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History of the expedition to Russia, undertaken by the Emperor Napoleon, in the year 1812

Nineteenth Century Russian Military History

Several volumes in French, Russian, and English, with accounts of military events in Russia in the nineteenth century, including the failed French invasion by Napoleon in 1812 , and the Crimean War. Two of the works in English are translations of the original French (Philippe-Paul Ségur and Gaspard Gourgaud), and one is a translation of the memior of a Russian General. Berga's Sevastopol Album contains 37 full page, printed plates.

Anthing, Frederic.
History of the campaigns of Count Alexander Suworow Rymnikski, field-marshal-general in the service of His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of all the Russias: with a preliminary sketch of his private life and character.
New York: Printed by C. and R. Waite, for Wm. Cobbett., 1800.
947.06 S967A

Barbaroux, Charles Ogé.
Adventures of a French serjeant : during his campaigns in Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, &c., from 1805 to 1823.
Philadelphia: H.C. Carey and I. Lea, 1826.
SC 944.05 B229a

Berga, N.
Sevastopolskii albom [Севастопольский альбом; A Sevastopol Album].
Moskva: Izd. K. Soldatenkova i N. Shchepkina, 1858
SC 947.073 B493s Oversized
Gift of Natalie Troussoff

Gourgaud, Gaspard.
Napoleon et la Grande Armée en Russia, ou Examen critique de l'ouvrage de M. le Comte Ph. de Ségur.
Paris: Bossange Frères, Libraries, 1825.
SC 944.05 G715n

Gourgaud, Gaspard.
Napoleon and the grand army in Russia; or, A critical examination of Count Philip de Ségur's work.
Philadelphia: A. Finley, 1825.
SC 944.05 G715nT

Labaume, Eugène.
Circumstantial narrative of the campaign in Russia: containing a faithful description of the affecting and
interesting scenes of which the author was an eye-witness.
Hartford, [Conn.] : S. Andrus & Son, 1852.
SC 940.27 L114c

Porter, Robert Ker, Sir.
A narrative of the campaign in Russia, during the year 1812. Baltimore, E. J. Coale, 1814.
SC 940.27 P853

Russell, William Howard.
Complete history of the Russian War, from its commencement to its close. New York: J.G. Wells, 1856.
SC 947.0738 R961c

Ségur, Philippe-Paul.
Histoire de Napoléon et de la grande-armée pendant l'année 1812.
Paris: Baudouin frères, 1825.
SC 940.27 S456

Ségur, Philippe-Paul.
History of the expedition to Russia, undertaken by the Emperor Napoleon, in the year 1812.
Philadelphia: E. Littell, 1825.
SC 940.27 S456hT

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