Imperial Russia and Muscovy

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The knout and the Russians; or, The Muscovite empire, the Czar, and his people

Imperial Russia and Muscovy

These books mostly cover the Russian Empire and its rulers, established after the reforms of Peter the Great and the building of St. Petersburg. Two books, The Knout and the Russians and Старая Москва (Old Moscow) look at the former Capital of Moscow and the Muscovite Empire.

Jerrmann, Eduard.
Pictures from St. Petersburg.
New York, G.P. Putnam, 1852.
SC 914.74 J56uT

Lagny, Germain de.
The knout and the Russians; or, The Muscovite empire, the Czar, and his people.
New York: Harper & brothers, 1854.
SC 914.7 L176kT 1854

Masson, Charles François Philibert.
Secret memoirs of the Court of Petersburg: particularly towards the end of the reign of Catherine II. And the commencement of that of Paul I.: Forming a description of the manners of Petersburg, at the close of the eighteenth century.: And containing various anecdotes, collected during a residence of ten years in that capital. With remarks on the education of the grand dukes, the manners of the ladies, and the religion of the people.
Philadelphia: Printed for R.T. Rawle, Second-Street. By John Thompson., 1802.
SC 947.06 M419mT

Mottley, John.
The history of the life of Peter I., emperor of Russia.
London: Printed for J. Read, 1739.
SC 947.05 M922h v.3
Gift of John Campbell.

Pleshcheev, Sergei Ivanovich.
Survey of the Russian Empire, according to its present newly regulated state, divided into different
governments 3d ed. published at St. Petersburg. And translated from the Russian, with considerable
additions, by James Smirnove.
London: J. Debrett, 1792.
SC 947.063 P726T

Pylyaev, Mikhail Ivanovich.
Staraya Moskva: Razskazy iz byloi zhizni pervoprestol’noi stolitsy [Старая Москва: Рассказы из
былой жизни первопрестольной и столицы; Old Moscow: Stories from the former life of the first
throne and capital city].
S.-Peterburg: A. S. Suvorin, 1891.
SC 947.31 P981s
Gift of Gail Troussoff

Marks Tooke, William.
The life of Catharine II, empress of all the Russias.
Philadelphia: Published by William Fry, no. 36, Chesnut street. M. Maxwell, printer, 1802.
SC 947.06 T669 1802
Gift of William D. Postlethwaite, class of 1830.

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