Merle Frederick Allshouse (1935- )

Merle Allshouse was born on April 26,1935 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from DePauw University of Indiana in 1957. In 1959, Allshouse earned his master's degree in philosophical theology, and seven years later received his doctorate from Yale.

In 1963, Allshouse joined the faculty of Dickinson College as a professor of philosophy, aesthetics, and religion. He served in that position until 1968, when he was named associate dean of the College. On July 1, 1970, Allshouse left Dickinson to assume the position of dean of Bloomfield College in New Jersey, a small liberal arts school that offered degrees in business administration and nursing.

In May 1972, Allshouse officially took office as president of Bloomfield College. He faced immediate problems of declining enrollment and the threat of bankruptcy. Under his leadership, Bloomfield increased both its enrollment and its endowment, refurbished its facilities, and developed new academic programs. His achievements earned him the notice of other institutions, prompting his move to Colorado in 1986, where he served as vice president of the University of Colorado Foundation. In 1996, Allshouse accepted the position of director of the Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckard College, Florida.

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