John Dickinson Campus

Student on a bench, c.1982

A student sits on a bench on the Academic quad.

Student studying on the Academic Quad, 1992

A student studies on a bench alongside the pathway leading from Old West to High Street in spring 1988.  The Weiss Center for the Arts is visible through the Class of 1902 Gateway to the Academic Quad.

Students walking through the academic quad in the snow, 1988

Students walk through the Academic Quad in the snow, circa December 1988.  The edge of Old West is visible at right and Bosler Hall appears in the background.

View of John Dickinson Campus, 1959

View of Bosler Hall and the sidewalk along High Street in spring 1959.

West College, c.1880

View of West College from across W. High Street, circa 1880.  The railroad tracks are visible running down High Street, and a man stands to the right of what would later be dedicated as the Class of 1902 gateway.

West College in the snow, c.1890

View of West College after a snow fall around 1890.


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