Football Team, 1954

The team picture for the 1954 football squad.

First row: Charles M. Garwood, David H. Orbock, Andrew A. Cominsky, James L. Nellas, Albert A. Barilar, Grey F. Rolland, Frank M. Schwartz

Second row: William Matthews...

Football Team, 1955

The football team of 1955 poses for a group picture.

First row: Frank M. Schwartz, Charles M. Garwood, Andrew A. Cominsky, Albert A. Barilar, Harold J. Kissell, Donald P. Allegretto

Second row: Charles A. Ferrone,...

Football Team, 1956

The football team of 1956 poses for a picture.

First row: Richard H. Shanaman, David A. Woodruff, Michael R. Gardner, Robert E.  Myers, Willis D. Coston (II), William Matthews, Richard L. Graham, Robert J. Woodside, Harvey E. Bair...

Football Team, 1957

The football team of 1957 poses for a picture.

First row: Robert E. Cook, Norman G. Berger, David A. Wachter, R. Scott Clements, John J. Quirk, Thomas L. Bauer, F. Lee Shipman, Thomas J. DeMarino, Joseph R. Miele, Charles R. Ream...

Football Team, 1959

The football team of 1959 poses for a group picture.

First row: Charles B. Zwally, John J. Quirk, Alexander T. Collins, R. Barclay Surrick, Joseph D. DiBlasio, Robert A. Worthington, Robert W. Crawford, J. David Morrissey, J....

Football Team Captains, 1956

The team captains for the 1956 football team pose for a picture.

Left to right: Richard L. Graham, Robert J. Woodside, William Matthews

Football Team Members, 1958

Some members from the 1958 football team pose for a picture.

Front row: Alexander T. Collins, Thomas J. DeMarino, Joseph F. Lipinski, James LaNave

Back row: Allan L. Fluke, Thomas L. Moore, Robert A. Worthington,...

Foreign students walking together, c.1955

Three foreign students from Japan, England, and Holland walk through the academic quad in the fall, circa 1955.

Foreign students with President Edel, c.1950

President William Edel poses with foreign students in front of Old West, circa fall 1950.

Front Row: [unknown]

Second Row: He-Sung H. Chun ('51), Eric K. V. Bengtsson ('51).

Third Row: Alex...

Founders Day Convocation, 1952

A group picture taken in Memorial Hall on the occasion of the Founders Day Convocation, May 1, 1952.  This special Founders Day, in honor of Dickinson women, was held to celebrate the dedication of Drayer Hall, the first residence hall built by...

Founders Day Convocation ceremony, 1952

President William Edel (class of 1915) awards an honorary degree to Ethel Wagg Selby (class of 1915) during the Founders Day Convocation ceremony in Bosler Hall on May 1, 1952.

Honorary degree recipient Marianne Craig Moore is the third...

Four Lacrosse Players, 1958

Men's Lacrosse Players, Don O'Neil, Sam Rose, Harvey Bair, and Frank Trunzo pose for a photo in April 1958.

Fraternity touch football, 1958

The Phi Delta Theta and Beta Theta Pi fraternities play a game of touch football in fall 1958.

Robert Frost with President Edel, Arts Award, 1959

Arts Award recipient Robert Frost sits on the steps of Old West with Dickinson College President William Edel (left) and Dean of the College Frederic Ness (right) in May 1959.

Robert Frost with President Edel, Arts Award, 1959

Arts Award recipinet Robert Frost takes a tour of the campus with Dean of the College Frederic Ness (left) and College President William Edel (right) in May 1959.

Robert Frost, Arts Award, 1959

Students join Arts Award recipient Robert Frost on the steps of Old West in May 1959. President William Edel sits to the left of Frost.

Geology class, 1958

Instructor Bill Vernon's geology class in Althouse Hall in fall 1958.

Gibbs House, c.1955

View of Gibbs House around 1955. This house was located on North Hanover Street, approximately five blocks from the Dickinson College campus.

David I. Gleim, c.1950

Professor of Chemistry David Gleim, circa 1950.

M. Brandt Goodyear, c.1950

M. Brandt Goodyear was a member of the Class of 1919.

Lewis D. Gottschall, c.1950

Lewis D. Gottschall was a member of the Class of 1922.

Donald T. Graffam, c.1955

Psychology and Education professor Donald Graffam.

Donald T. Graffam, c.1955

Donald Turner, Psychology and Education Professor, second from left in back, with students around a table.

Heading for a Touchdown, 1952

This live action shot was taken on October 18th, 1952 during a football game between Dickinson and Western Maryland. 

Headquarters of the Class of 1924

Thirty years later, alumni from the Class of 1924 are gathered at headquarters during Alumni Weekend.


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