Chemistry class, 1958

Professor Horace Rogers teaches a chemistry class in Althouse Hall in 1958.

Chemistry lab, c.1950

Dr. Horace E. Rogers (far left) supervises three students performing a chemistry lab in Tome.  Second from left: Bayard W. Allmond, Jr., '56.  Second from right: Barbara S. Allen, '56. 

Chemistry research, 1958

Professor M. Benton Naff leads students in research using a hydrogenation apparatus in 1958.

Chemistry student

A student pours a reagent into a beaker in a chemistry lab exercise around 1955.

Choir on steps of Old West, 1955

The College Choir on the side steps of Old West during the 1954-1955 school year.

Class of 1930 attend banquet

Stock Hall in St. Paul's Lutheran Church is the location of the banquet celebrating the Twenty-fifth Reunion of the Class of 1930.

Class of 1930 wearing feathered hats, 1955

Wearing feathered headdresses the Class of 1930 is seated in Alumni Gymnasium during their Twenty-fifth Reunion in June 1955.

College Band, 1951

View of the Dickinson College band, including majorettes, in Memorial Hall in 1951.

College Choir, 1955

The Dickinson College Choir in Memorial Hall during the 1954-1955 school year.

Commencement, 1950

Faculty, honorary degree recipients, and other members of the Dickinson College community on the steps of Old West during Commencement on June 4, 1950.

Professor Herbert Wing Jr. is identified by the blue arrow at the top of the image.

Commencement, 1951

Three professors stand in front of Bosler Hall on the Academic Quad and address a group of students on June 3, 1951.

Commencement, 1951

A professor holds the baton while several students raise the American flag at Commencement on June 3, 1951. Ann Prescott is second from the left.

Commencement, 1954

A group of alumni, faculty, trustees, and honorary degree recipients stand on the porch of Drayer Hall on June 13, 1954. Trickett Hall, as well as several other Dickinson School of Law buildings, are visible in the background.

The back row...

Commencement, 1955

A student receives her diploma from President William Edel ('15) in the Alumni Gymnasium during Commencement on June 12, 1955.

Commencement, 1955

Students enter the Alumni Gymnasium for Commencement on June 12, 1955.

Commencement, 1957

A group standing at Commencement on June 2, 1957 and the man in the center is idenified as Charles C. Sellers.

Commencement, 1958

Several recent graduates sit on the steps of Old West and look at a diploma. 

Left to right (top row): Doris Wigel, Kiki KoKolis, and Sylvia Rambo

Left to right (bottom row): William Roger and Dorcas Adrian Roschy...

Karl Taylor Compton, Priestley Award, 1954

Karl Taylor Compton receives the Priestley Award from President William Edel on April 22, 1954. 

Far left: Chemistry Professor Ernest A. Vuilleumier ; Third from left: C. Scott Althouse

Karl Taylor Compton, Priestley Award, 1954

Priestley Award recipient Karl T. Compton (third from left) poses with Professor Vuilleumier (second from left) and President Edel (far right) next to Priestley's burning glass on April 22, 1954.

Denny Hall, c.1950

View of Denny Hall from N. West Street around 1950.

View of Denny Hall from the corner of W. High and S. West Streets.

Dickinson vs. Juniata, 1953

A live-action shot from the Dickinson vs. Juniata football game in 1953.

Dickinson vs. Washington and Jefferson, 1953

A shot from the football game against Washington and Jefferson in 1953.

Drayer Hall, 1952

View of Drayer Hall from Morgan field in June 1952.

Drayer Hall, 1952

View of Drayer Hall from Morgan field in June 1952.


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