Two Lacrosse Players, 1958

Lacrosse players Don O'Neil (#51) and Sam Rose in April 1958.

Two students in their room at Gibbs House, c.1955

Two female students sitting in their room at Gibbs House around 1955.

Unidentified Fraternity, c.1955

Several members of an unidentified fraternity paint a wall around 1955.

Left to Right: Norm Schatz '57, Lou Sprechman '57, Gerald Myron Gisenstat '57

Unidentified Fraternity, c.1955

Members of an unidentified fraternity wash a window around 1955.

Unidentified Fraternity, c.1955

An unidentified fraternity discusses matters.

Left to Right: Jack Sherman '52 Bob Keuch '53 Jim Speer '54.

Unidentified Fraternity, c.1955

Two members of an unidentified fraternity fix a window around 1955.

Unidentified Fraternity, c.1955

After dinner at a fraternity: an informal lecture on painting around 1955.

View of John Dickinson Campus, 1959

View of Bosler Hall and the sidewalk along High Street in spring 1959.

Professor Ernest Vuilleumier with student, c.1955

Professor Ernest A. Vuilleumier supervises a student using a chemistry apparatus circa 1955.

Ernest A. Vuilleumier

Ernest A. Vuilleumier with two men viewing his painted portrait around 1950.

Richard H. Wanner, c.1955

Professor of Education and Psychology Richard Henry Wanner lecturing at a podium.

Lester A. Welliver, 1959

Lester A. Welliver was a member of the Class of 1918 and served on the Board of Trustees beginning 1959.

Wheel and Chain, c.1955

Members of Wheel and Chain around 1955.

Left-Right: Bobbie Burkett, Jane Myers, Barbara Binning, Ellie Pocius, Lou Howard, Alice Winett, Betty Will, Sandy Marquardt.

Harold W. Wiegel, c.1955

Professor of German Harold W. Weigel at a desk.

Earl D. Willey, c.1950

Earl D. Willey was a member of the Class of 1913.

Herbert Wing Jr., 1958

Professor of History and Greek Herbert Wing Jr. standing next to his painted portrait.

Women's Basketball Practice, c.1950

The women's basketball team takes a shot during a practice in the Alumni Gymnasium, circa 1950.

Women's Tennis Team, 1959

The varsity women's tennis team poses for a photograph on the court outside the Alumni Gymnasium in spring 1959.

Back Row: Ginny Frost, Ann Thompson, Susie Kline, Betsy Wylie

Front Row: Pat Hand, Rory Gutterman,...

Wrestling Team, 1958

Wrestling team takes a group photograph in 1958.

Front row, left to right: Allen Gilbert Smeltz ('60), Stanley William Linberg ('61), Alan Sackman ('61), Gordon Brown Mowrer ('59), Jan Paul Sklandany ('61), M. Kirkpatrick, A....

Wrestling Team, 1959

The Wrestling team in 1959.

Front row, left to right: Howard Edward Kalis III ('62), Sydney Leonard Machet ('62), and M. Huey

Second row: Jack Clough, Stan Linberg ('61), Richard Ayres, Nick Crosby, William Carey...

Professor of Physics Henry L. Yeagley receiving his chaired faculty position at Dickinson.


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