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Eric W. Barnes, c.1950

Eric Wollencott Barnes was born in 1907 in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he grew up and attended school. He enrolled in the University of California Los Angeles in 1925, remaining there for only one year. Barnes then went to study abroad in France...

College Relationship: Faculty

Daniel Moore Bates was born in Laurel, Delaware on January 28, 1821 as Daniel Elzey Moore, the son of Methodist minister Jacob Moore. He had lost his mother very early in life and as a young boy traveled with his father on his circuit. When his...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Trustee, Honorary Degree
Year: Class of 1839

Martin W. Bates was born in Salisbury, Connecticut on February 24, 1786. Not of a family of means, he attended common schools there and in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. When his family could not afford to send him to college, he continued to...

College Relationship: Trustee

Birth: January 24, 1824; Baltimore, Maryland

 Death: November 13, 1865 (age 41); Montgomery White Sulphur Springs, Virginia

 Military service: Mexican War, 1847-49 (Surgeon); USN, 1861-63  (Surgeon)

 Unit: - - 


College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna
Year: Class of 1842

Henry Lewis Baugher was born in Abbottstown, Adams County, Pennsylvania on July 19, 1804 to tanner Christian Frederick and his wife Ann Catharine Matter Baugher. He was educated in Reverend David McConaughty's school in Gettysburg and entered...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Honorary Degree
Year: Class of 1826
George Baylor, 1860

Birth: February 13, 1842; "Wood End," Jefferson County, Virginia

Death: March 6, 1902 (age 60); Charleston, West Virginia

Military Service: CSA, 1861-65

Unit: 2nd Virginia Infantry; 12th Virginia Calvary;  Mosby's Rangers...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna
Year: Class of 1860

Birth: May 22, 1819; Hickory Hill, Hague, Westmoreland, Virginia

 Death: April 21, 1893 (age 74); Hague, Westmoreland, Virginia; Hickory Hill Cemetery

 Military service: CSA, 1861-65

 Unit: 9th Virginia Cavalry "Lee's Legion...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna
Year: Class of 1839
Thomas Beaver, c.1885

Thomas Beaver was born to the Reverend Peter and Elizabeth Gilbert Beaver on November 16, 1814, in Pfout’s Valley (now Perry County), Pennsylvania. His father, a Methodist minister, and his mother were both of German ancestry. Despite leaving...

College Relationship: Trustee

James Burns Belford was born in Lewistown, Pennsylvania on September 28, 1837, the son of Samuel and Eliza Belford. He was a cousin of Joseph McCrum Belford, class of 1871, who served a congressman from New York State. He prepared at Lewistown...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna
Year: Class of 1859

Joseph McCrum Belford was born in Mifflintown in Pennsylvania on August 5, 1852 the son of David and Anna Belford. He prepared at the Dickinson Seminary in Williamsport and entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1868. While at...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna
Year: Class of 1871

Claudius Berard was born in France in the port city of Bordeaux on November 21, 1786. Of a relatively wealthy family, he received a classical education and when his conscription order came to enter the Napoleonic armies his father purchased for...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty
Year: Class of 1812
Beta Theta Pi House, 1947

The members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity built a house in 1906 on the southwest corner of High Street and Mooreland avenue. In the summer of 1927 they remodeled the building for a cost of $18,000, adding a new dining room and kitchen, complete...

George Washington Bethune was born into the devout and wealthy family of Divie and Joanna Graham Bethune of New York City on March 18, 1805. His father was a highly successful merchant of Huguenot extraction and both his parents had been born in...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Honorary Degree
Year: Class of 1823
 Biddle Field scoreboard, 1952

On June 8, 1909, Edward William Biddle donated this six-acre field to the College as a memorial to his son Herman, a member of the Class of 1903. The College has owned the field ever since, with subsequent land purchases having increased the size...

Biddle House, c.1955

Biddle House was the former home of College alumnus and trustee Edward M. Biddle, Jr., and was purchased by the College on December 14, 1946 at a cost of $25,000. The house was used primarily as living space for men or women, as needed, in...

Edward William Biddle, c.1900

Edward William Biddle was born May 3, 1852 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania to parents Edward M. Biddle and Julia A. Watts. He completed his preparatory studies at Dickinson Grammar School and entered Dickinson College in 1866 with the class of 1870....

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Trustee
Year: Class of 1870

William Bingham was born on April 8, 1752 to William and Mary Stamper Bingham in Philadelphia. At the age of sixteen he graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, class of 1768.

In 1770, Bingham served as British Consul at...

College Relationship: Trustee
Group of students including Gustavus Bird, c.1855

Gustavus C. Bird was born in West River, Maryland on January 4, 1839 to Benjamin Lee and Emily Eversfield Duvall Bird. His father was a prominent physician in the county. Bird entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with the class of...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna
Year: Class of 1857

A member of the Dickinson College Board of Trustees from 1833 until 1835, Thomas Emerson Bond, Sr. was born in Baltimore, Maryland in February 1782. He studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and later earned his M.D. from the...

College Relationship: Trustee
Roscoe Osmond Bonisteel, 1959

Roscoe Bonisteel was born in Canada on December 23, 1888 to Milton Fremont and Francis Whyte Bonisteel in Sidney Crossing, Ontario. He entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1908 as a member of the class of 1912. Before graduating...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Honorary Degree, Trustee
Year: Class of 1912
Bosler Cartouche, 2000

The Bosler Cartouche was carved in 1885 and appeared above a portico at the entrance to Bosler Hall. In 1940 and 1941, the building's portico and turret were removed and the original sandstone walls of Bosler Hall were covered with limestone....

Bosler Hall, c.1899

The construction of Bosler Hall on the John Dickinson Campus began in 1884, and was completed on June 23, 1886. The building was made possible through a gift from Helen (Beltzhoover) Bosler and was named the James Williamson Bosler Memorial...

Abram Bosler was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on September 5, 1884, the son of George Morris Bosler. In 1901, he graduated from the Dickinson Preparatory School, and attended the local Dickinson College as a member of the class of 1905. During...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Trustee
Year: Class of 1905
James Williamson Bosler, 1885

James Bosler was born on April 4, 1833 to Abraham and Eliza Herman Bosler in Silver Spring, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He attended the Cumberland Academy at New Kingston, Pennsylvania before entering the nearby Dickinson College as a member...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna
Year: Class of 1854

J. Herman Bosler was born in Silver Spring, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania on December 14, 1830. He was one of eight children of Abraham and Eliza Herman Bosler, an already distinguished county family active in farming, milling, and distilling....

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Trustee
Year: Class of 1854