West College Reading Room

YMCA holds convention in Carlisle. President R. L. Dashiell resigns; President James A. McCauley is inaugurated. The administration considers creating a reading room.

Construction begins on a reading room in Old West. W. F. Spottswood, J. H. Black, and O. B. Super are elected editors of the Microcosm.

President James McCauley obtains two mirrors and alumni donate a total of three paintings for the Reading Room.

West College Reading Room opens. The roof of South College is replaced. Chi Phi to host convention. Former Dickinson Professor Tyndall creates a (not restrictively Dickinson) scholarship for scientific research.

The senior and junior class election results announced.  The Allison Law Society and Dickinson Law Society announce their new officers.  The question of silver versus gold standard for currency is debated.  The law students hold regular Moot...

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