Class of 1862

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Martin Christian Herman, 1870

Martin Herman was born on February 14, 1841 on the farm his German immigrant great-grandfather had cleared in 1771 near New Kingston, Pennsylvania. He was one of the six children of Martin and Elizabeth Wolford Herman. He prepared for college at...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Trustee
Year: Class of 1862
Benjamin Peffer Lamberton (1844-1912)

Birth: February 25, 1844; Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Death: June 9, 1912 (age 68); Washington, D.C.

Military Service: USN, 1861-65

Unit: Asiatic Squadron, South Atlantic Squadron

Alma Mater: Dickinson College, B.A...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna
Year: Class of 1862

Birth: Hays Creek, Mississippi 

Death:  1865; Atlanta, Georgia

Military Service: CSA, 1861-65

Unit: Company A, 1st Light Artillery Regiment Mississippi 

Alma Mater: Dickinson College, B.A. (Class of 1862 non-graduate...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna
Year: Class of 1862
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