130th PA Infantry

"After the Battle: The Bloody Lane, Antietam" (Photograph of the Painting)
August 28, 1889

This image is a photograph of a painting by Captain James Hope.

The caption reads: AFTER THE BATTLE. “Blood Lane, Antietam.” From the Original Painting by Cpt. James Hope, From a Sketch Taken by Him on the Spot.

John Hays II Brigade Adjutant General Orders
April 11, 1863

In this April 11, 1863 order from the headquarters of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac, acting brigade commander Colonel Levi Maish appoints "Lt. John Hays, Adjutant of the 130th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers" as...

John Hays II Commission, Adjutant with rank of First Lieutenant
February 18, 1863

This certificate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania appoints First Lieutenant John Hays II as the Adjutant of the 130th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers. The promotion is effective as of February 18, 1863. It is signed on March 11, 1863...

John Hays II Commission, First Lieutenant of Volunteers
August 17, 1862

This certificate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania appoints John Hays II as the First Lieutenant of Company A, 130th Pennsylvania. The promotion is effective as of August 17, 1862. Eli Slifer, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, signed the...

John Hays II Discharge Certificate
May 21, 1863

First Lieutenant John Hays II, Adjutant of the 130th Pennsylvania Volunteers, receives this discharge certificate on May 21, 1863 while at Camp Curtin in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Colonel Levi Maish is the commanding officer of the 130th...

John Hays II, 1862
December 1862

View of John Hays II (Class of 1857) in December 1862. He is wearing his officer's uniform with the 1st Lieutenant insignia. The photograph is from C. L. Lochman's studio in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Leave of Absence for John Hays II
December 21, 1862

This order ("Special Order 96") provides Lieutenant John Hays II with six days of leave in order to "obtain officer's and regiment's property" that is stored in Washington D.C. and Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. The letter is written and signed...

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