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Survey map, June 1755 (Box 1, folder 10)

The collection contains papers related to John Armstrong's service as a surveyor in Cumberland County between 1755 and 1783. These papers include correspondence with the Surveyor-General of Pennsylvania and Delaware, John Lukens, complaints from...

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Letter, 1825 (Box 1, folder 7)

The collection contains materials relating to family life on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and in Ohio. The central figure is Daniel Bowdle (1796-1876), who as a young man moved to Cincinnati and became the successful business man of his family,...

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Diary, 1851-1856 (Box 2, folder 8)

Moncure Daniel Conway was born into a southern aristocratic family, but ultimately became one of the nation's leading abolitionists and humanitarians. Conway was a graduate of Dickinson College in 1848 and was trained for the ministry at Harvard...

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Letters, 1797 (Box 1, folder 4)

This collection is comprised of correspondence and legal papers reflecting the legal and political career of John Dickinson, statesman and president of the Supreme Executive Council of Delaware and Pennsylvania. The majority of the collection is...

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Commonplace book, 1787 (Box 1, folder 1)

Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson (1737-1801) was a Philadelphia writer who was known for hosting literary salons attended by individuals such as John Dickinson, Jacob Duché, Francis Hopkinson, Dr. Benjamin Rush, and Annis Boudinot Stockton. The...

Location: MC 2006.3

Subject: Literary Pursuits

Format: Diaries and Journals, Poetry and Lyrics

Time Period: 1760-1779, 1780-1799

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Travel journal, 1776 (Box 1, folder 8)

The collection consists primarily of travel journals of Thomas and Jabez Fisher, sons of Joshua Fisher, a businessman in Philadelphia shipping prior to the Revolutionary War. The journals offer detailed accounts of travel to Europe in the 1760s...

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Letter, 1800 (Box 1, folder 6)

Francis Gurney (1738-1815) was a veteran of the French and Indian Wars, the American Revolution, and the Whiskey Rebellion. A prominent Philadelphia merchant, Gurney held several political offices such as city Alderman and representative and...

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Photograph, 1862 (Photographs, folder 3)

The Hays family papers include correspondence, deeds, and memorabilia of six generations of this prominent Carlisle, Pa. family whose scions include General Ephraim Blaine (1741-1804), Commissary-General in the American Revolution and charter...

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The Eagle, or, Carlisle Herald - March 3, 1802

The Carlisle and Local Newspaper Collection consists of various newspapers that were produced in south central Pennsylvania, or feature articles which concern local events. The newspapers are arranged alphabetically by title and then...

Letters, 1799 (Box 1, folders 22 and 24)

The collection consists of the papers of Charles Nisbet, first president of Dickinson College, and his family, particularly his son-in-law, William Turnbull. The majority of these papers is correspondence conducted between Nisbet and his daughter...

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Engraving, undated (Box 2, folder 9)

This collection includes letters, documents, clippings, pamphlets, and photographs relating to Joseph Priestley and his descendants. It was presented to the college by Mrs. Temple Fay.

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Legal brief, 1815 (Box 3, folder 1)

Roger Brooke Taney graduated from Dickinson College in the class of 1795. He served as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, a state senator, Attorney General of both Maryland and the United States, and Secretary of the Treasury before...

Location: MC 2002.3

Subject: Legal Affairs

Format: Legal and Government Documents

Time Period: 1760-1779, 1780-1799, 1800-1819, 1820-1839

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Letter, 1809 (Box 2, folder 12)

The collection consists of the papers of the families of Jacob and Cornelius Vanderbilt, farmers and tax assessors of Newton Township, Cumberland County, Pa. Accounts of the Civil War are included among family correspondence, bills, accounts, and...

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Notebook, 1762 (Box 1, folder 1)

The Anthony Wayne collection consists of four notebooks kept by Anthony, Charles, and Isaac Wayne. The two notebooks belonging to Anthony Wayne, dated 1762 to 1764, contain notes on mathematics and surveying; the notebook of Charles Wayne also...

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Letter from Joseph Priestley to John Seddon
April 9, 1762

Joseph Priestley writes to John Seddon regarding Seddon's invitation to Liverpool, recent books, work, and news regarding lectures at the Academy. Transcript included.

Location: I-BeachW-1966-1

Subject: Education, Religion and Spirituality, Science and Technology

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1760-1779

Letters from John Dickinson to George Reed

John Dickinson writes two letters to attorney George Reed concerning legal matters. The first expresses his unwillingness to engage Mr. Gooding in a chancery suit. The second concerns the examination of a witness, Mrs. Mary Allmond, to a deed for...

Location: MC 2001.13

Subject: Land and Real Estate, Legal Affairs

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1760-1779, 1780-1799

Letter from the Pennsylvania Assembly to the Governor
May 25, 1764

Isaac Norris, the Speaker of the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly, writes to Governor John Penn regarding legislation and the taxation of  property. "And as these Objections do not appear to use justly founded," Norris notes that "we have...

Location: I-SpahrB-1963-8

Subject: Economics and Finance, Legal Affairs, Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1760-1779

Letter from Joseph Priestley to John Seddon
circa 1765

Joseph Priestley writes to John Seddon, the secretary and librarian of Warrington Academy, regarding a divinity tutor at Warrington and new students.

Location: I-BeachW-1982-2

Subject: Education, Religion and Spirituality

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1760-1779

Legal Opinion of John Dickinson on Joseph Yard’s Will
September 21, 1765

Attorney John Dickinson writes this legal opinion regarding Joseph Yard's will .

Location: I-SpahrB-1958-18

Subject: Legal Affairs, Personal and Family Life

Format: Legal and Government Documents

Time Period: 1760-1779

Deed for Land Sold by John Dickinson to William Killen
August 12, 1766

John Dickinson sells the tract of land, "Brothers Portion," near Dove, Kent County in Delaware to William Killen on August 12, 1766. Dickinson signs the deed with his personal seal and Caesar Rodney signs it as the Recorder.

Location: O-SpahrB-1965-3

Subject: Economics and Finance, Land and Real Estate, Legal Affairs

Format: Legal and Government Documents

Time Period: 1760-1779

Land Agreement Signed by John Montgomery
November 18, 1766

Continental Congress delegate John Montgomery signs this agreement to take up 150 acres of land on Jack's Creek in Cumberland County.

Location: I-HunterW-1974-1

Subject: Carlisle and Cumberland County, Land and Real Estate

Format: Legal and Government Documents

Time Period: 1760-1779

Letter from Joseph Priestley to the Duke of Northumberland
circa 1767

Joseph Priestley writes to the Duke of Northumberland, Hugh Percy, and asks for the Duke's patronage in order to write a history of experimental philosophy, continuing his previous work. Transcript included.

Location: MC 1998.1, B1, F11

Subject: Politics and Government, Science and Technology

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1760-1779

Letter from Charles Nisbet to the Minister of Drumelzier
February 24, 1767

Charles Nisbet writes to the Minister of Drumelzier and inquires about various events since his visit three months ago. Nisbet also requests updates on several ministers as well as a few other individuals. "Does [Mr. Plummer] continue his nightly...

Location: I-TurnbullM-undated-4

Subject: Health and Medicine, Personal and Family Life, Religion and Spirituality

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1760-1779

Letter from John Dickinson to Baynton and Wharton
May 6, 1769

John Dickinson writes to Mr. Baynton and Wharton, a Philadelphia mercantile firm, on the issue of settling a disagreement over an unnamed policy. Dickinson mentions Mr. Philips as the identity of one of the parties involved. Transcript included...

Location: MC 2001.13, B1, F1

Subject: Economics and Finance

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1760-1779

Letter from Joseph Priestley to Anna Aikin
June 13, 1769

Joseph Priestley writes to Anna L. Aikin of Warrington Academy about her poetry on Corsica for James Boswell and Samuel Johnson. Priestley also provides Aikin with an update on his own writing. "My piece on Perspective is nearly ready for the...

Location: I-Friends-2010-1

Subject: Literary Pursuits

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1760-1779


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